(from couples and individuals)

A.J. and Rob .A, Seattle:  "With Kenís help we have become more emotionally intelligent and consequently better able to navigate the tides of our relationship. After seven years of living together we feel ready to get married!"   "Ken has formidable intepersonal intuition - I canít overstate my enthusiasm for his abilities as a relationship counselor. We will surely recommend him whenever we can."


Don and Marie P., Seattle: "Ken uses the right mix of listening, explaining, and questioning. Like a three-legged stool, each is needed for an effective result. Thanks, Ken."  "Ken is a very compassionate and caring therapist. Because of his empathetic nature, he is able to find what works for you as an individual. Heís also great at helping you cut through the bull and get to the heart of the matter! I respect Ken very much, and have grown a lot during my work with him."


Elliot S., Seattle: "I came to see Ken because I felt stuck in patterns of bad relationships, drug abuse, feelings of incompetence, worthlessness, shame and depression. From the first session, Ken helped me break out of these patterns; and I feel like Iím living life with energy and purpose.

I also came to Ken for couples counseling, where we have been learning and practicing new relationship skills week in and week out. We frequently remark how grateful we are for his guidance and help."


Sam T., Seattle: "I was directionless. I had ideas, but none made any real sense. And then I began to tell my story to Ken, and his careful listening and gentle directions led me to a confident and growing vision of a fulfilling and rewarding future."


David B, Seattle: "My life feels more complete since I have been seeing Ken Fremont-Smith. He gives me the tools and I work with them to make my life whole."


Darren T. Seattle: "Ken is a wonderfully unique therapist. Through his thoughtful approach I have discovered a much deeper sense of who I am and how that most effectively works in my life and relationships. Ken has taught me self-awareness methods which I will use for the rest of my life."


Bryan S. Seattle: "Most important to me is Kenís approach, which provides a feeling of trust and security. Each sessionís work is done as a team, and the result is higher understanding or enlightenment of my realities."


Wendy B, Seattle: "Two things from my experience with Ken make him stand out from the other therapists I have worked with. He doesnít use labels (such as ďdepressionĒ) - this has helped me move beyond them and I feel less boxed in. Secondly, Kenís engagement and commitment have inspired a greater degree of trust than Iíve had with other therapists."


S.P., Seattle: "What I found most helpful was your insights, tools, and better coping methods. My trust in myself was intensified. You rock!"