About Re:Solutions

Re:Solutions is the therapeutic work of Ken Fremont-Smith. I work with individuals, couples, and groups to address many concerns, including relationship improvement, relapse prevention, life growth... Regardless of the particular issue, I always start with WHERE YOU ARE and address WHAT YOU NEED.

I have been working with people for over 18 years - and I love it! You can trust that I will not "burn out" on you.  I will approach your issues with fresh energy, giving you the full benefit of my skills and experience. While therapy is challenging (it's about change, after all), you will find that you can have fun with it, too.

I have several specialties that I offer...

  • Relapse Prevention. I can help you to evaluate your use of alcohol or drugs, change what doesn't work for you, and maintain recovery. Nor is relapse prevention work limited to alcohol and drugs: I can help you maintain progress in other areas, such as sex, anger, or assertiveness.
  • Couples Counseling. I have worked with couples for many years, and I am certified as a couples counselor in the nationally-acclaimed Gottman InstituteJohn Gottman's work is based on over 30 years research of what makes couples successful (or disasters!), making it unique among the various couples programs out there today.
  • Putting Depression In Its Place. Everyone has experienced some depression or anxiety in life. But it's quite different when you feel controlled by depression. I have "recovered" from depression for 8 years now, and can teach you skills in how to do the same.
  • Possibilities! Talk (or write) to me about what you're dealing with, and I will let you know in what way I can help you. If I feel my skills aren't appropriate to your situation, I will provide you with a referral source.   



Get in touch with me today; I am located in the Seattle, Washington area, in Lake City.



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